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WHDownloader is a useful tool to keep your Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite updated regardless of their versions. This is an advanced version of the traditional update assistant offering a wider range of options.

When you run WHDownloader, you have to pre-scan your device to check which Office suite and version of Windows you have installed. That done, you'll see a list of all the pending updates, organized by level of urgency, be they basic updates, critical patches, security fixes, or add-on elements. This way, you can install the updates you want in a more transparent way, which is especially useful when you've just installed the tool, as during the update process in the background you won't necessarily know what it's doing.

One of the most interesting features of WHDownloader is that all the update package installers are stored in a folder of your choice, so you can save them locally to use on any other machine – particularly useful for computers with limited Internet connectivity or incompatibilities with any of the items to be updated.
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